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VCD's Company consists of a group of dancers separated by age group who dance all styles. These dancers have mandatory weekly training hours and have a full season commitment to the Company Team! This Company competes their routines in several different competitions yearly. Any students who may be interested in joining VCD's Company must go through an audition process at the Director's approval!


Jazz combines ballet technique and modern dance. It includes fast and sharp isolations and accents to musical rhythm. Some key features are using the body to create lines and shapes in a staccato form, kicks, leaps, walks, turns, and weight transfers. Flexibility and strength are also worked on in this style.


Hip Hop dance is an Urban/Street style performed mainly to Hip Hop music. It is a mixture of many different styles such as popping, locking, house, krump, and freestyle. Dancers will work on stylized movements and isolations of different body parts as well as the fluidity in the choreography.


Ballet is the fundamental of all dance. Dancers will learn the basic technique and body positions that are later integrated and needed in other styles of dance. Different exercises are learned on the floor as well as on the barre. Ballet technique is crucial in order to excel in other styles.


Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that combines elements of classical ballet, modern, and lyrical (similar to contemporary). It strives to connect the body and mind through fluid movement. Dancers will learn to tell a story to the audience with emotional expressions. Strength, conditioning, and flexibility are also worked on in this style


Acro is a style of dance which merges classical technique with acrobatic elements. It showcases great flexibility, strength, and athletic characteristics. Acro goes side by side with other styles of dance, in which acrobatic tricks are added to jazz, contemporary, and hip hop choreographies.


These classes focus on the fundamental techniques of dance. We work on flexibility, strength training, tricks, turns, leaps, extensions, etc. These classes do not use choreography. They focus on the dance technique needed to execute specific movements and tricks within choreography. 


VCD offers classes to any student/walk-in who desires or needs 1-on-1 training. These classes are used to work on specific areas where the dancer needs a bit more work to improve. They can range from choreography, to strengthening, to technique. They are taught by the Director, or any in-house instructor who desires or needs to work with a dancer.